Sharon has over 20 years of development and management experiences for a  cross-sector of government, corporate, non-profit, and university organizations. She is in her second year of coursework for a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership after completing a second Master's degree in Organizational Leadership (2010) and her first Master's degree in International Politics (2008).

Sharon most recently utilized her experience in Government and Business to teach undergraduates within the School of Business at California State University at Monterey Bay, to teach graduates in Technology and Health Sciences at Stratford University in Virginia, and to consult with organizations in need of training leaders for creative multi-sector collaborations.

Recruiters and interested contractors can reach Sharon at [email protected]. For consulting services on collaborative leadership, please see Global Philanthropic Enterprises at www.gpe3.com. You can read more about her education, work experiences, research interests, and current activities in the linked pages and the attached presentations.

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Letters of Recommendation
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