Sharon has a primary professional interest in Global Peace & Security,
with particular emphasis on the impact of modern political religions, as well as, religiously motivated women & youth on conflict resolution and policy formation.

Development Consultant: Global Majority & Women in International Security

Volunteer Consultant: American Institute for Veterans Research & Policy;Women for Peace Collaborative, Institute for Global Engagement; Women's Restoration Foundation (Monrovia, Liberia)

Volunteer: Media Center Captain, Women Waging Peace, Harvard University

Volunteer & Consultant, Model Organization of American States Foundation

Board Member, International Intelligence Ethics Association

Member, International Studies Association

Member, Intelligence and National Security Alliance

Academic Presentations  & Participations

Religion & Security: Participation in Naval Postgraduate School Center for Stabilization and Reconstruction Studies’ short course  on “Religion & Security in World Affairs,” Monterey, CA, September 12-14, 2011.

"Sacralized Sovereignty: Contemporary Convolution as a Catalyst of Crisis"on panel "Rethinking Sovereignty and the Westphalian State," WISC Third Global International Studies Conference, Porto, Portugal, August 17 - 20, 2011 (other participation: chair on panel, "IR and Anarchy"; chair and discussant on panel "NGOs and Aid Policies").

“Professionalism in Intelligence: The  Ethics Factor,” Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence Program at Penn State University, conference on "Intelligence & Homeland Security: Policy & Strategy Implications,"  in Harrisburg, PA, September 23, 2010. (see letter of thanks below)

“Sacralizing Sovereignty: The Impact of Political Religions on 21st Century Westphalian States”, Tenth International CISS Millennium Conference in Venice, Italy, July 4-5th, 2010.

“CIA Confirmation Hearings:  Legislative Oversight of Intelligence Ethics”, International Intelligence Ethics Association annual meeting at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, February 2009.

“Forgetting Westphalia: Securing Modern Intelligence in a Sacralized Context,”  sponsored by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence through the Intelligence Centers of Academic Excellence program at the “Ethics in Intelligence, Security, and Immigration: The Moral and Social Significance of Gathering and Managing Information and Borders in the Global Community” conference at University of Texas-Pan American, November 2008.

Scholarly Pursuits

The Juxaposition between Legal and Religious Perspectives on Sovereignty & the Political Ramifications

The Applicability of Political Religion Theory to Current International Conflicts

The Role of Women & Youth in International Peace & Security